Drying Innovation

Low or high inlet temperatures, short or long dry times, and any other specialized processing you may need

Dryer Options

Designed for ease-of-use and efficiency

Attrition Flash Dryer, Chicken Little

Attrition Flash Dryers

Combines drying and final grind in a single step

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Flash Dryer

Flash Dryers

Combines drying and conveying in a single step

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Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryers

Flexible design, drying heat-sensitive/fragile feed materials

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Multi-Phase Dryer

Multi-Phase Dryers

Designed to be gentle on temperature-sensitive materials

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Indirect Dryer

Indirect Dryers

Heat solids in controlled climate for fine particles, vapors, etc.

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Case Study

SawMill Wood Waste

Attrition Flash Dryer

Don & Durrel, Eby, Pennsylvania

Case Study

Manchester Wood Pellets

Patient Issued Two-Stage Dryer


About IEC Thermo

IEC Thermo is a specialty drying applications company developing and providing eco-friendly, practical, proven, and patented thermal technologies for consistent and measurable outputs.

Wood Waste Residuals

Livestock Waste

Ethanol Recovery

Industrial Use Fiber

Spent Brewers, Distillery Grains

Chemical absorbents


Difficult sludges

Filter cakes

Centrifuge treated solids