Farm Progress Show

The Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois hosted its first ever Hemp Industries Tent this year, and IEC Thermo was thrilled to take part in this important event showcasing the latest in agricultural innovations. Our team, Shawna, Jen, Drew, and Peter, talked to many corn and soybean farmers who were excited to be joining the hemp industry. Many are testing out small plots of hemp this year.

IEC Thermo answered numerous questions related to growing hemp and the hemp industry. We stressed to the farmers the importance of having a solution to dry and stabilize their hemp once they start planting large-scale acreage of hemp next year. Not only do IEC Thermo’s HEMP Dryers dry at rates of 3000, 6000, or 15000 wet pounds of biomass per hour, (capacities that Midwest Farmers are used to working with on other crops), they also are the most technologically advanced hemp dryers on the market with full PLC/MCC smart controls. 

Hemp is quickly becoming an important crop to farmers all over the United States. The National Hemp Association was also in attendance and worked to educate show-goers on the differences between hemp and marijuana and the benefits of hemp cultivation. Creating a stable supply chain is key to getting hemp from the field to processing for CBD. At IEC Thermo we are working hard to help farmers dry and stabilize their entire harvest.

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