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Our Start

Innovative Environmental Companies (IEC) was formed in 2009 by a number of industry leaders to manufacture and sell a line of ceramic-based specialty, industrial absorbents. As the absorbent business grew, our team was brought in to consult on drying projects.

While working on these projects, we found gaps in the available technologies. There were few viable options for dependable dryers for certain applications. We shifted our focus to designing and producing specialized drying systems to meet the demands of existing and developing industries.



While IEC Thermo offers five speciality dryers, our core competency is designing and implementing innovative, environmentally-friendly drying solutions for a range of applications:

  • Wood Waste Residuals

  • Animal Waste

  • Ethanol Recovery

  • Industrial Use Fiber

  • Spent Brewers and Distillery Grains

  • Chemical absorbents

  • Minerals

  • Difficult sludges, filter cakes, and centrifuge treated solids

Upcycling and Beneficial Reuse

“Beneficial reuse” is defined by the EPA as reusing a waste material – that would otherwise be discarded – in a manner that makes it a valuable commodity.

“Upcycling” as defined by Upcycle That is the act of taking something considered to be waste and repurposing it, and giving it a second life and new function.

Upcycling is a creative process where waste is looked at as a resource. Materials are reused in a clever new way, giving them a second life and function.

ESG and Sustainability

IEC Thermo adheres to the principles and standards of Environmental, Social, and Governance. We firmly believe that a commitment to sustainability extends beyond climate concerns. Our team, partners, clients, and the communities we operate in matter as much as our direct and indirect environmental impacts.

This is at the heart of what we do.

IEC Thermo's innovative technology applies the principles of thermodynamics to provide cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions for a wide variety of industries looking to upcycle their spent materials, reducing waste while providing additional revenue opportunities.

Solutions to meet your needs

Versed in any specialty drying or pyroprocessing application, IEC Thermo has (or will develop) a solution to meet your needs.