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Walter Hawkins


Walter Hawkins

Walter has more than 30 years of experience in drying and specialty pyro-processing applications. He has been involved in 400+ major dryer projects including the design, supply, and commissioning of:

The world’s largest nicad battery recycling plant
Drying systems for sludge for two major organic fertilizer production plants

Walter helped develop FEECO’s line of high temperature processing line including direct fired rotary kilns, indirectly fired rotary kilns, and a first attempt at integrating fluid bed technologies.

He has returned to FEECO recently as a consultant with IEC Thermo, working with them on a number of joint venture efforts.

“One of the things I am most proud of is that I personally have commissioned just about every project I designed.”

Walter earned his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University.

Walter lives happily with his wife of over 30 years and has three daughters. He enjoys boating, fishing, camping, skiing, and hockey.

Timothy Broderick

National Director, Sales + Marketing

Timothy Broderick

Tim has more than 30 years of business development and account management experience to the team. Tim’s background in the medical device, pharmaceutical, Healthcare IT software, and specialty pharmacy firms adds a unique perspective. Tim’s skill sets and capabilities bring a level of professionalism complimented by “Good Stewardship” to the emerging and dynamic hemp industry.

Tim is building channel partner relationships and aligning with capital and financial entities to ensure we bring an integrated offering to the IEC Thermo family of customers.

Tim earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Liberals Arts, from the University of St. Francis.

Jen Paffenroth

Business Support Manager

Jen Paffenroth

After teaching in an urban elementary school for 8 years, Jen is adept at successfully managing people from all backgrounds and at developing and managing projects in a fast-paced environment where plans can change in an instant. Her flexibility and love for organization allows her to go with the flow in this fast-paced, ever changing industry.

From scheduling deliveries and entering data to being a liaison for vendors and project managers, Jen provides excellent organizational, communication, and leadership skills. Jen earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Covenant College and loves boating, hiking, and being outdoors.

Jeff Griswold

Lead Project Manager

Jeff Griswold

Jeff is no stranger to managing multi-faceted projects, big and small. He brings 36 years of experience in the Telecommunications Industry starting in field installation of digital voice switch platforms to include working with field training department, field commissioning and field supervision throughout the US and Asia Pacific regions. He also worked for a telecom services provider (in both private and public sectors) with responsibilities including working in operations as a lead tech, overseeing maintenance schedules and equipment routines to ensure facility and network integrity & reliability.

Jeff spent the last 11 years working in project management as a federal contractor with GSA for campus infrastructure projects, then an optical transport manufacturer in project management of field deployments for multiple accounts for new & existing optical networks. He is excited to bring this experience to a new industry. Jeff graduated with his Associate of Applied Sciences – Telecommunications Technology from Des Moines Area Community College in 1983.

Dan Collins, Special Projects Manager

Special Projects Manager

Dan Collins

Prior to his time with IEC Thermo, Dan was a Detective for twenty-nine years in Wisconsin. For ten of those years, he was head of the local police union and handled labor contract negotiations and other labor/management issues. From on-site management of construction and installation of equipment, to creation and management of product specification sheets, manuals and documentation, Dan works with customers to deliver the highest level of quality and results. Dan earned his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Jean Collins

Business Office Manager

Jean Collins

Jean has extensive experience with financial reporting having managed large billing accounts in medical field and Human Resources departments, responsible for payroll, employee benefits, worker’s compensation, and OSHA compliance. At IEC Thermo, Jean maintains our vendor and customer accounts, manages our accounting department, and keeps our office systems running at peak efficiency. Outside the office, she is a board member and the volunteer coordinator for her church, a small group leader, and an event planner. Jean graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business from University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.

Ben Johnson

Field Technician and Trainer

Ben Johnson

Ben works as a trainer and field technician for IEC Thermo. He travels to IEC Thermo customer sites throughout the United States assisting with system start-ups of new equipment. He trains new customers to properly run their dryers and assists existing customers in troubleshooting their equipment. He is dedicated to spending the time and effort necessary to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their equipment and knowledgeable about its operation.

Ben enjoys the opportunity to help hemp farmers throughout the U.S. to save time and resources by using IEC’s low-temperature, high-speed dryers, enabling them to keep up with rising demand in the quickly expanding hemp industry. Additionally, Ben also works for CGF, Inc. overseeing the manufacturing, shipping and handling of high performance industrial fluids used in the manufacturing industry. Ben has a strong background in commercial distillation, with six years of previous experience working in industrial labs.

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Special Project Manager

Dan Scholtes

Intrigued with designing and building his whole life, Dan just couldn’t stay away and decided to leave semi-retired life, joining IEC Thermo as a Project Manager. Dan has worked on several commercial projects all over the United States such as Shedd Aquarium and Bloomingdales in Chicago, as well as a cleanroom in Austin, TX. Over the past 30 years, Dan ran his own business designing and building custom homes where he was nothing short of accountant, business manager, project manager, and more. Throughout his career, he has built 100+ homes and has always been committed to quality, expediting schedules, procuring equipment, and above all, customer satisfaction.

Dan received his Bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering from Iowa State. Today, Dan lives in Pensacola Beach, FL where he finds time to enjoy boating, scuba diving, and fishing.