Alcohol Recovery

Alcohol Recovery Technology – ART Dryers

IEC Thermo’s ART Dryer continuous flow process allows for safe and complete management of your post-alcohol-extracted biomass by safely removing the remaining alcohol, Ethanol, and/or Isopropyl.

Why is this important?

The ethanol extraction process, even with the best centrifuges and screw presses, will leave your hemp biomass containing residual ethanol. This ethanol-latent biomass is both dangerous and expensive.

ART dryer output

• Recovered ethanol and/or isopropyl alcohol for reuse (condensed 100% alcohol vapor)

• 100% dried post-extraction hemp biomass can be used for pelletizing, etc.

• Single, double, and quad screw systems to match your capacity needs (1000, 2000, and 4000 lb/hr feed in rates)

Delivery and Assembly

• Equipment Delivery: 10-14 weeks

• Assembly packages available

• Customer-provided Electric, Gas, and Cooling Water required