Alcohol Recovery

Alcohol Recovery Technology – ART Dryers

IEC Thermo’s ART Dryer continuous flow process allows for safe and complete management of your post-alcohol-extracted biomass by safely removing the remaining alcohol, Ethanol, heptane, and/or Isopropyl.

Why is this important?

The ethanol extraction process, even with the best centrifuges and screw presses, will leave your hemp biomass containing 30-35% ethanol. This ethanol-latent biomass is both dangerous and expensive.

Aside from the obvious flammable hazard … for every 1000 pounds of expended biomass, there is 300-350 pounds, say 40 gallons, of ethanol. At $25/gallon this is $1,000 in lost profit for every 1,000 pounds of expended biomass your extraction facility produces. That is $40,000/week of lost profit (for a 40-hour week).

ART dryer output

• Recovered ethanol and/or isopropyl alcohol for reuse

• 100% dried post-extraction hemp biomass

ART dryer = Decarboxylation System

• Adjust temperatures and timing to your favorite decarb settings

• Provides precise temperature and timing in large continuous flow volumes

Pricing and Delivery

• Recovery capacities begin at 1,250 pounds per hour (wet feed-in) start at $250,000 o 1mm BTU/hr. burner = 11 gallons propane/hr … 1000 CF NG/hr

• Installation: Minimal relative to dryer

• Equipment Delivery: 12-14 weeks