Case Study: Manchester Wood Pellets

Patent Issued Two-Stage Dryer

The Story

In 2018, IEC Thermo was introduced to Manchester Wood Pellets through an IEC strategic partner. Manchester Wood Pellets was seeking to upcycle wood waste to barbecue wood pellets.

The Need & Requirements

With a defined need of processing wood waste for pelletting, they were struggling to find an “emissions” compliant drying technology that could meet their output requirements of 4 tons/hour.

With Manchester Wood Pellets focused on protecting the environment and sustainability, volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions needed to meet their requirements.

The Solution

IEC Thermo’s engineering department defined the project parameters and aligned its Patent Issued, Two-Stage Low-Temperature Drying Technology to meet the client’s objectives.

Through a series of rigorous testing and practical customization, IEC Thermo met the client’s output objectives of 4 tons/hour with only 40% moisture content while also adhering to the VOC Emissions guidelines.

The bonus was producing a pellet with a great aroma – perfect for grilling your favorite foods!