Solutions for Specialized Processing


Our dryers are custom designed and manufactured around the requirements of your process and the characteristics of your material. They are designed specifically to dry your product to the desired output moisture content.

Whether you require low or high inlet temperatures, short or long dry times, or any other specialized processing requirements IEC Thermo has the SOLUTION.

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Dryer Options

Designed for ease-of-use and efficiency

Attrition Flash Dryer, Chicken Little

Attrition Flash Dryers

Combines drying and final grind in a single step

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Flash Dryer

Flash Dryers

Combines drying and conveying in a single step

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Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryers

Flexible design, drying heat-sensitive/fragile feed materials

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Multi-Phase Dryer

Multi-Phase Dryers

Designed to be gentle on temperature-sensitive materials

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Indirect Dryer

Indirect Dryers

Heat solids in controlled climate for fine particles, vapors, etc.

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Dryer Effectiveness and Material Conditioning

Dryer Effectiveness

The vast majority of industrial dryers are direct convection devices - hot or warm gases are in direct contact with the material being processed. The hot air is the means of transferring heat to the solids to facilitate drying as well as serving as the carrier for the water vapor evolved from the solids. 

The effectiveness of a direct convection device dryer is based solely on how much of the solids are in direct contact with the gases. This is true for our suite of dryer technologies as well as any other convection design dryers including rotary, belt, flash or fluid bed dryers. 

In many applications (materials are too wet, clumpy or entangled as an example), the material does not readily disperse in the gas stream significantly reducing the throughput, efficiency or even the safety of the process. To address this, the solution is material conditioning.

Material Conditioning

Material conditioning generally consists of back mixing dried product with wet sticky feedstocks so as to become discrete free flowing solids. IEC Thermo has spent considerable time and effort developing an integral conditioning loop within the drying process to remove the cost and effort required to perform the conditioning through external handling and metering efforts. 

In our proprietary design, we employ a just in time feature to ensure that this conditioning step is seamless and results in no added handling while eliminating heat losses that would occur in external conditioning approaches.  

This conditioning technology is critical in effectively processing highly wet solids, filter cakes, sludges and slurries.

Leasing options are available.

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