IEC Thermo Dryers Can be Customized to Meet the Needs of Your Operation.

Our team will work with you to find solutions that maximize your drying operation. All IEC Thermo dryer components are manufactured in the U.S. and are supported with assembly, commissioning, training, and service techs.

Innovation in Drying

Attrition Flash Dryer

IEC Thermo’s Attrition Flash Dryer Technology is designed with two proven elements: a mill and a dryer.

The grinding helps the drying. The drying helps the grinding.

Our Attrition Flash Dryer works by reducing the particle size of the feed in the mill, creating significantly more surface area and allowing the dryer to take full advantage of this for fast flash drying of the product

Our compact, easy to operate design allows you to combine drying and grinding in one simple step.

  • Combines drying and final grind in a single step
  • Allows for opportunities for growth with value-added products
  • Makes use of waste products by allowing for self-integration
  • Highly efficient, flexible system that adapts instantly to variations in
  • feedstock
  • Installs in days not weeks like other conventional dryers
  • Greatly reduced space requirements
  • The most cost effective dryer system currently available
  • Continuous flow
  • Animal bedding
  • Wood byproduct processing
  • Grains processing
  • Gypsum

Improve your efficiency today and minimize downtime.