IEC Thermo Dryers Can be Customized to Meet the Needs of Your Operation.

Our team will work with you to find solutions that maximize your drying operation. All IEC Thermo dryer components are manufactured in the U.S. and are supported with assembly, commissioning, training, and service techs.

Innovation in Drying

Indirect Dryer

IEC Thermo’s Indirect Dryer Technology is designed to heat solids in a controlled environment.

Our Indirect Dryer works by indirectly heating the outer shroud of a screw conveyor and transferring the heat through the tube wall.

  • Ideal for fine particulates - (No air flow to entrain fine particles)
  • Ideal for solid gas phase reactions (Controlled atmosphere for the solids)
  • Combustible feeds can be processed safely in the absence of oxygen (oxygen free environment)
  • Continuous flow
  • Can be heated by electric resistance elements or gas-fired burner
  • Paint pigments
  • Fine powders (minerals, chemicals, etc)
  • Recover alcohol, solvents or other vapors
  • Combustible feedstocks

Improve your efficiency today and minimize downtime.