IEC Thermo Dryers Can be Customized to Meet the Needs of Your Operation.

Our team will work with you to find solutions that maximize your drying operation. All IEC Thermo dryer components are manufactured in the U.S. and are supported with assembly, commissioning, training, and service techs.

Innovation in Drying

Multi-Phase Dryer

IEC Thermo’s Multi-Phase Dryer's patented technology is designed to be gentle on temperature sensitive materials.

Our Multi-Phase Dryer works by combining two different drying technologies, a Flash Dryer and a Fluid Bed. The Flash Dryer acts as a pre-dryer, conditioning material by rapidly removing up to 50% of the moisture and the Fluid Bed acts as the polisher by finishing the drying process. The entire drying/ stabilization process is completed in under 90 seconds, is extremely gentle on the material and requires minimal labor inputs.

  • Continuous flow for fast processing
  • Maximize space and labor
  • Precision smart controls
  • Highly efficient, flexible system that adapts instantly to variations in feedstock
  • Gentle on temperature sensitive materials
  • Can be used to recycle gas for fuel savings
  • Low temperature
  • Hemp/oilseed crops
  • Seed/grain
  • Protein
  • Plastics
  • Any temperature sensitive material

Improve your efficiency today and minimize downtime.