Why dry with an IEC Thermo H.E.M.P. Dryer?

Farmers are underestimating the labor involved with harvesting large hemp operations. Effective stabilization of large volumes of hemp for future processing is essential to creating a continuous flow model for your hemp business. The IEC Thermo H.E.M.P. Dryer take your harvest from 80% moisture to less than 10% in under two minutes while maintaining the CBD cannabinoids and your profitability.

Questions about Biomass

What is the maximum temperature the biomass will reach, and for how long?

130-140℉ for approximately 20 seconds. The entire drying cycle only lasts 60-90 seconds.

Do IEC Dryers decarboxylate hemp?

The process of decarboxylation converts inactive compounds into active compounds that essentially unlocks the therapeutic effects of CBD and other cannabinoids. Decarboxylation occurs at high heats for sustained periods of time. (https://www.cbdschool.com/what-is-decarboxylated-cbd/)

This can typically take 220 degrees F for 20 minutes.

While the air temperature in our dryers gets above 600℉, the product never gets above 140℉. The product travels through our dryers in less than 90 seconds so minimal to no decarboxylation occurs. This leaves as much of the cannabinoids intact as possible for later processing.

What kind of feed can I put in the system?

Feed is very important in our system. Material must be chopped close to ½ inch to avoid fiber build up. But that material can be any type of hemp including leaf, flower, and stem.  

Questions about Installation/Assembly

What are my system assembly options?

You can complete your own assembly of the IEC Thermo components or have an IEC Thermo Assembly Team come to your site. Assembly pricing is provided with proposals.

What do you think about me doing my own assembly and setting of equipment?

History indicates that most of the clients who met their projection completion/ startup goals where the client who chose to have us assemble and set the equipment.  Many of those who chose to do it on their own struggled with the magnitude of the project and consequently did not complete their projects in time. Please be aware of this fact when choosing whether the money is better invested in a completed project generating revenue or saving a few dollars up front.

If I choose the IEC Thermo assembly option, what does that include?

Professional setting of the equipment IEC has supplied, all ducting installed- including supports and braces, assembly of the conveyors we have supplied.  It DOES NOT include any electrical work, cement work, gas line connection, or the acquisition of permits (if required). These are all the responsibility of the purchaser.  

Is the assembly option “Turn Key”?

“Turn Key” in the context of our usage, past, present, future, means that we are setting and assembling the equipment IEC has supplied. To complete your installation you will be responsible for connecting the gas line to the dryer’s gas connection, same with electrical. For permits, jurisdictional regulation is site-specific, and we can provide supporting documentation as requested.

What kind of equipment do I need to have on site to receive my shipments?

You will be receiving large scale industrial equipment. For the 3000S, 6000L and 15000XL system you will need an 8000 lbs. Fork Truck with Fork Extensions, a 20 ft. chain, a 12,000 lbs. Telehandler (or crane), and a clevis pin on hand to accept shipments of your drying system components.

What is the buyer responsible for contributing to the pre-assembly?

In order for final assembly and system commissioning the purchaser of the IEC Thermo H.E.M.P. Dryer system will be responsible for providing any required local permits, a local gas contractor to prepare and connect the gas or propane for the system burners, and a local electrician to prepare and connect the electrical system. Site-specific rules and regulations prohibit IEC Thermo from providing these services.

If I need to pour a concrete pad, how thick does it need to be?  

This is a question for your concrete contractor or a civil engineer, as soil types, dynamic loads, and static loads are different for each application.  Individual weights of the components are available upon request so that your contractor can help advise you in your decision.

How tall does my building need to be?  

We have the “minimum height” requirements in the technical section for each of our systems:  the 3000S, 6000M, and 15000XL. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to make sure your building (new or existing), will accommodate the equipment you are purchasing from IEC (this also includes doorways, docks, and areas to unload our equipment for assembly).

How large should I make my concrete pad or building?  

We have included “suggestions” for the bare minimums for each of our systems on the specification sheet for the 3000S, 6000M, and 15000XL.  These “suggestions” do not account for the storage of raw materials (harvested super sacks of hemp), finished product storage, forklift traffic, human traffic, or other equipment storage.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide adequate space for your plant layout. A civil or industrial engineer may be helpful in determining the space for your layout (both present and projected growth).

When should I schedule an Initial Start-Up?  

You should not schedule the Initial System Start-Up until gas and electrical connections are complete and equipment has been set in place and fully assembled. Upon verification from project management that all tasks are complete, our team will schedule a visit to your location within 5-7 business days to commission your drying system. NOTE: If we are scheduled to commission your system and arrive to find the site is NOT ready, the IEC Thermo representatives will be required to reschedule, and you will be billed for the rescheduled visit at a minimum cost of $1000.00 per day plus travel.

Questions about Operation

What is included with the Initial Startup?  

We will provide you with 2 working days on location (8 hours each day).  Also included are the travel costs to get our representative to your location, room, and per diem expenses for that representative.  They are there to help with initial training, and to show a designated representative how the IEC equipment works.

What is your training rate if we need to schedule another field visit?  

IEC Thermo’s training rates vary based on the level and scope of training. Costs start at $1,000 day + travel and expenses.

How long does it take to start and stop the dryer?

The HEMP Dryer has a programmable PLC so you can create customer sequences based on your specific operations. Start and stop times are 1-2 minutes. Feed can be introduced within about 5-10 minutes.

Questions about System Hardware

What does the IEC Thermo H.E.M.P. Dryer include?

Ductwork and final assembly pricing available with proposals. Please note: Connections to the components such as electrical, fuel, ductwork, etc., are not included.

Where are IEC Thermo H.E.M.P. Dryers manufactured?

Our components are 100% manufactured in the U.S.A.

Questions about Safety

What kind of safety materials are provided?

With every IEC dryer, we include a “safety kit,” including Hot Surface Signs, caution chains, etc. However, it is up to our customers to institute safe work practices surrounding their dryer and other work processes. Please keep in mind that some states have their own “OSHA” equivalent regulatory agencies.

What safety training does IEC provide?

The IEC Thermo operations manual covers needed safety information. Our Initial Start-Up Training will cover important safety information. Employers are responsible for providing employees with needed safety training.