Real Customer


Sam Peeples

The support from IEC Thermo was top notch. These guys went out of the way to make sure the system worked flawlessly. They even put time in on the weekends to make sure we had everything we needed to get up and running.

My personal experience is that you won't find a better company out there for support from beginning to end. We have been running for almost three years now and to this day they still help with any questions or troubleshooting issues we have. (Almost all issues wind up being something other than the dryer system and yet they still do everything they can to help correct them.)

This dryer system has helped make our pellet plant more efficient than we ever expected. The countless adjustments that we can make to the dryer system has helped reduce fuel costs 3 times what we were anticipating.

Walter and his crew are amazing people to work with. No doubt, the best purchase we made.